Dog Leash Sleeves, Double Sided, Highly Visible, Communicate Your Dog's Needs to Prevent Accidents

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  • Easily and highly visible (double sided) - Bold and large font that is easy to read from a distance. Prevent accidents and incidents early with this high vibrant visible dog sleeve. Create a safer environment for your pup and everyone around while on walks, at the park, or training. Ideal for working dogs, reactive dogs, dogs in training, and dogs who prefer their personal space.
  • Communicate to the public - These durable, flexible, bright leash sleeves are designed with safety in mind. It provides yourself and others (such as dog walkers, adults, and children) from a distance with what kind of natured dog is approaching them. It can help assist with preventing dog bites, attacks, and fights between other pets.
  • Hook and Loop closure system – Easily adjustable hook and loop on the leash sleeve allows you to adjust it as tight as needed around the leash so it won’t slip. The soft material will not damage your leash. The leash sleeve will fit any leash that is 1in or less in width.
  • Available leash sleeves – Do Not Pet, Adopt Me, Training, Service Dog, and Socializing
  • Size: 1in x 8in when wrapped around the leash
Style: Do Not Pet (Black)

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